The FIA ​​is examining the specifications of the Ferrari F1 amid questions about a tire test

Ferrari was one of four teams to take part in a two – day tire test following the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix to help develop Pirelli ‘s 2023 tire.

But rivals turned out to question whether Ferrari was fully compliant with the way he chose to work with different floor specifications during one day of testing.

The team ran Charles Leclerc on Wednesday morning, and Carlos Sainz that afternoon, with pictures showing two drivers running with different floor specifications.

The F1 tire testing rules are pretty strict in restricting teams that are allowed to run, and rivals have been warned by the fact that Sainz’s F1-75 seemed to have a new floor specification (below).

The recently revised Article 10.8 of the F1 Sports Regulations sets requirements for teams regarding the parts they can use and prohibits teams from launching new experimental parts.

The rules say: “Cars on these tests must use only the components of the specification that were used in at least one (1) race or TCC [testing of current cars] during the current championship year. These cars must fully comply with the provisions of the Technical Regulations. “

He adds: “No test pieces, component changes or settings that give the competitor any information not related to tire testing will be allowed.

“Changes to mechanical settings, changes to driver control units and changes to components are permitted if it is agreed in advance with the tire supplier that they are necessary to properly assess the tires or to complete the tire test.”

Carlos Sainz, Ferrari F1-75, floor detail

Photo by: Davide Cavazza

It is understood that the problem around the Imola test revolves around the floor specification that was conducted in the afternoon.

While Leclerc parquet is considered to be the version competing in the Bahrain Grand Prix, there is uncertainty about whether Sainz parquet has already been put into action.

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To be compliant, Ferrari would have to run components on one of two pre-season tests if it hadn’t raced.

However, one aspect that could come into play is exactly what the definition of ‘components’ in the rules actually means when it comes to modified designs.

Ferrari declined to reveal all the details about where and when Sainz parquet went before, but the team is adamant that it has fully complied with the regulations and is completely relaxed about the situation.

Autosport realizes that at least two teams have communicated with the FIA ​​to check the legality of what Ferrari has done, but others are considering the matter closely.

Sources said the steering body is now in dialogue with Ferrari to inquire about what was on the test to ensure the rules were fully complied with.

Ferrari’s actions on the test come during a period when teams are working hard to develop their floors to try to knock out porpoises.

The new Ferrari floor at the center of the debate has a revised edge, discarding the McLaren-style edge wing he appropriated earlier in the season.

It also has a strip placed under the floor in a similar way to Red Bull which is considered a key component to help prevent cars from bouncing.

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