The former contractor claims that USA Cricket is racial discrimination, the court submits


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A new lawsuit filed by a former contract employee in federal court has shaken American cricket again. The plaintiff, Kirk Greaves, sought $ 2 million in damages, claiming it was ‘racial discrimination’ in recruitment practice from the cricket board.

Greaves was hired as Operations Manager (contract) in March 2021 on a four-month probationary period with a salary of $ 5,000 per month which increased by another 1,500 by the time he was terminated in the first week of April 2022. Greaves argued “toxic work environment, unfair practices employment, pay inequality and discrimination “in its lawsuit further alleges that the budget set aside for its conversion to full-time work was used to increase the supply for the white employee.

Greaves further stated that Richard Done (Director of Cricket Operations) sent him a letter of termination, which was ‘in line’ with the decision of the Cricket Committee. However, Greaves disputes this by emailing Srina Salvera, a member of the cricket committee, stating that “your termination was never recommended by the Cricket Committee at any committee meeting, but was discussed during budget discussions.”

USA Cricket has vehemently denied all of Greaves’ allegations and is preparing for a legal battle. “USA Cricket is aware of various details of the lawsuit filed by the former contractor against USA Cricket. The person is one of a number of contractors previously hired by USA Cricket whose contracts have not been recently renewed. All allegations in the lawsuit are completely false and baseless, and USA Cricket denies “The matter is currently in the hands of USA Cricket’s attorneys. We look forward to the case being dismissed in due course and we will not comment further at this time,” said a cricket spokesman. advice before the abolition of Greaves.

Meanwhile, there was some respite for the board and its officials later in the day, and Vena Pisike and Srina Salver (both currently serving as directors of USA Cricket) are ready to withdraw their year lawsuit against five management officials and the then President of the Management Board. Pisike and Salver filed a lawsuit in March 2021 over a constitutional amendment removing a clause that allowed members to vote in elections only after they turn one year old as a member. The amendment was passed by a simple majority, while prosecutors argued that 67% of the vote was needed to remove the clause.

Their lawsuit also called into question the legitimacy of re-appointing Paraag Marath as independent director and president as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘premature’. Prosecutors argued that the Board of Directors selected Marathe as an independent director before electing new members to the Board of Directors, which was to be held by the end of 2020.

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