The Wolves against Man City also highlights the reaction when Kevin De Bruyne hits four

Manchester City tonight took another step closer to the Premier League title as Kevn De Bruyne’s master class led them to a big win in Molineux against the Wolves.

City they were tied in points with Liverpool entering the game but leading by a goal difference, playing the game more. They resolutely returned the three-point deficit Wolveshowever, with only four points from the last two games needed to win the title. It was De Bruyne who scored a hat-trick after just 24 minutes and added a fourth in the second half. Raheem Sterling’s late goal added four more goals to the goal-difference column, and Leander Dendoncker scored early for the Wolves.

Pep Guardiola he was without Kyle Walker, John Stones and Ruben Dias in the last three games, while Nathan Ake just came on the bench. Aymeric Laporte is a new concern as he limped due to knee problems, while Fernandinho was also replaced before the end of working hours.

Much of the construction of this game is focused on Erling Haaland, and City on Tuesday confirmed a deal for the prolific striker. Guardiola said City were not talking about Haaland in preparation, but De Bruyne took advantage of Haaland’s celebration in the first half and Fernandinho was talking about signing before the game.

Follow below for pre-match preparation, live match updates and post-match Molineux reactions.

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FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

De Bruyne’s warning

With City three points ahead and seven on goal difference, Kevin De Bruyne has a warning to City:

“It depends on what happens in the next two games. We have a slight advantage in goal difference. But even seven with Liverpool can happen. Goal difference only works if we lose a game that is already -1. We have to concentrate on Sunday at West Ham , their last game at home, we have to be ready. “

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

More than Guardiola

Here’s what Pep Guardiola had to say about tonight’s win against Sky:

“Exceptionally, we have a very good performance, we received a passing because we were in a hurry when we contacted three quarters. That’s normal. We played very well at the stadium we know how hard it is. Three points, rest, Western ham.”

About De Bruyne:

“He has been playing the last 2-3 months, especially in the Premier League, extraordinarily. The Champions League too. He was our key man in the last part of the season. It’s not just what he created, goals and everything, he helped us a lot. I’m happy because he always had a sense of assists, so generous. We always try to encourage him to win, to score goals. This year is his most fruitful. “

About City’s character:

“Did you have any doubts after what these guys have done in recent years? They have a personality, all to be footballers.”

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

Guardiola confirms two more injuries

Laporte and Fernandinho picked up the problems.

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

De Bruyne about his celebration

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

City set a new English record

Not bad at that.

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

Watch Sterling’s goal

Deserved goal for the tireless Raheem Sterling.

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityStuart Brennan

Player ratings from Molineux

Ederson He defended Coady’s shot from close range brilliantly, only to make the offside flag meaningless – 7

Joao Cancelo His high position caused a lot of headaches for the Wolves, more than the space behind gave City – 7

Fernandinho He did his best 76 minutes and used all his experience to defend against the dangerous Wolves – 7

Aymeric Laporte Made two high-quality rescues in vital moments before being dismissed due to a worrying knee injury – 8

Oleks Zinchenko Included in the first two goals, and buried deep defensively against lightning Chiquinha – 8

Read the full ratings here.

Kevin De Bruyne celebrates his fourth goal against the Wolves

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

Rate the players

If Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t get an average of 10/10, what’s actually the point?

FT – Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

Full time!

City are three points ahead of Liverpool, with a superior goal difference of seven now. There are two games left, with four points needed to win the title.

And it all came from one world-class appearance by Kevin De Bruyne, the four-goal scorer, who sent the message that he remains City’s main man.

Erling, who?

The Manchester City footballers are celebrating their fourth goal against the Wolves

90 + 2 ‘- Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

Side net

De Bruyne comes on, Jack Grealishu has no trouble catching that.

Joao Cancelo intrudes though, takes off Mahrez and shoots into the side net.

90 ‘- Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

Three minutes added

It’s time for the sixth?

89 ‘- Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

De Bruyne denied a five

As the 90 minute approached, Kevin De Bruyne hit the post. What a performance this was.

86 ‘- Wolves 1-5 CityJoe Bray

The offside flag saves Sterling

Raheem Sterling is clean all the time in the world, but places his shot next to the goal. Riyad Mahrez was open for an easy pass.

Luckily for Sterling, the flag is rising.

84 ‘- Wolves 1-5 CityKEY EVENT

Sterling celebrates in the fifth

City increases the goal difference.

He starts with Ederson, with Joao Cancel playing one-two, playing in Jack Grealish, returning it, and then moving on to Raheem Sterling to score from three yards.

80 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

The final change of the city

Jack Grealish gets a nice welcome in the West Midlands as he replaces Phil Foden, whom his manager hugs tightly.

77 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

Reservation for De Bruyne

Martin Atkinson, what a bad sport.

He (rightly, honestly) notes Kevin De Bruyne for a tactical foul.

76 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

It should be five

Kevin De Bruyne plays in Phil Foden (again) – and the ball for Raheem Sterling is perfect this time. He misses when the ball passes the goal and there is a big collision with the tripod. Fortunately, he is fine.

Fernandinho leaves, with Riyad Mahrez. Rodri in defense?

71 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

Double wolves are changing

Hwang Hee-chan and Trincao play in place of Raul Jimenez and Pedro Net.

70 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

Going through the songbook

69 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

Ederson called for action

A few defenses in Ederson’s final minutes, another good for Jimenez’s turnaround in curling.

68 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityKEY EVENT

Watch De Bruyne’s neighborhood

Not for the first time tonight, instinctive poachers.

67 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

Out of post

Kevin De Bruyne almost added an assist to his dinner while feeding Phil Foden, who hits the post. And the rebound almost falls on De Bruyne too!

62 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityJoe Bray

Appeal against the sentence

Pedro Neto enters the penalty area and falls while Fernandinho blocks. The home crowd screams for a penalty, and Neto tries to equalize Fernandinho. Not given.

On the other hand, Phil Foden throws the ball next to the goal and Raheem Sterling enters.

After the goal, by the way, Aymeric Laporte left instead of Nathan Ake.

59 ‘- Wolves 1-4 CityKEY EVENT

Four for De Bruyne!

Four is for City and four for De Bruyne.

It’s at the beginning and the end again, sending Phil Foden into the area to fight for Raheem Sterling. Except Foden’s cross is behind Sterling, so De Bruyne is needed to shoot the lost ball.

57 ‘- Wolves 1-3 CitySimon Bajkowski

Promising signs

Laporte looked in a lot of pain, but that challenge to avoid danger when Jimenez was in boxing suggests he would be fine, and that City should keep him as long as possible.

56 ‘- Wolves 1-3 CityJoe Bray

Laporte stops the ball

Raul Jimenez crosses the offside trap and enters the penalty area, but Aymeric Laporte stands well and blocks it into the corner. He still doesn’t run well, but he got in the way.

From the corner, he returns to the unmarked six-foot Conor Coady, who is forcing Ederson’s defense. Then the flag is raised against Coady.

52 ‘- Wolves 1-3 CityJoe Bray

Laporte limped

Laporte returned to his feet and limped off the field. He held his left knee and tested it several times with some squats. Maybe it’s okay to continue for now.

50 ‘- Wolves 1-3 CityJoe Bray

Worry about Laporte’s injury

Not the player you want to see come down and stay down.

Aymeric Laporte gets a rattle from Raul Jimenez and falls awkwardly. He seems in some discomfort.

49 ‘- Wolves 1-3 CitySimon Bajkowski

Guardiola is still not happy

Pep Guardiola held his head in his hands in his seat as City came out in the second half. Then again when Sterling’s goal was annulled. From his facial expressions you wouldn’t know that City controls this match!

But the fact that he doesn’t sneak around the dugout is a better indicator than his face.


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