Wag Tales explained: How several posts on Instagram took two wives of English attackers to court

‘This is ……… Rebekah Vardy’s account’. The last sentence from the Instagram of the wife of Coleen, former football player Wayne Rooney expose against fellow WAG Rebecca Varda brought to the forefront the relationship between athletes and their spouses, their relationship with journalists and how the law views the burning of all these aspects of the world of celebrities.

Coleen Rooney’s announcement in October 2019 reached British courts, with Rebecca Vardy – husband England assailant Jamie – taking his ex-friend to court for defamation.

Rebecca Vardy, the wife of Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy, is leaving the Royal Court of Justice in London, Britain. (Reuters)

How it all started

For five months Coleen Rooney was in conspiracy mode. After numerous leaks of her private Instagram stories were published in the Sun newspaper, she spent those months posting fake stories on her Instagram account with only one account that could see them – Rebekah Vardy.

Those stories ranged from a trip to Mexico to investigate ‘gender selection treatment’ to a family that suffered flood damage at their £ 20million villa. All of these stories were fake and only Vardy’s account could see them, according to the Instagram settings set by Rooney.

When the stories got to the Sun, Rooney came out with a post on Instagram that became a meme and an insight into the world of British celebrities.

Vardy’s answer

At the time in a difficult pregnancy and in Dubai, Vardy responded the same day saying she never needed money or exposure and that Rooney should have come to her first with a complaint.

She also said that various people over the years had access to her Instagram account and that she followed people she had never known, and that Rooney would call for the first time to clarify, they could have reached the bottom of the leak together. .

Later, when asked if she was arguing or arguing with Rooney, Vardy replied, “It would be like arguing with a pigeon. You can tell him you’re right and that’s wrong, but that will still shit in your hair. “

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Defamation lawsuit

Vardy then went on to sue Rooney for defamation, a case that began on June 12, 2020. She claimed someone else had access to her Instagram account. Her argument was that even if Rooney’s private stories are only viewed through Rebekah Vardy’s Instagram account, that doesn’t mean she herself missed those stories on the Sun.

According to court submissions, Vardy’s account could have been accessed by other people. Under British law, Rooney had to prove that only Vardy and Vardy leaked those private stories to the press. And her case is not going very well.

How’s it going?

At the time, Rooney’s lawyers said it was discouraging to see the matter go to court and the matter resolved between the two. On November 20, 2020, Judge Warby ruled in Vardy’s favor, saying Rooney directed her statement only at Vardy and her. He ordered Rooney to pay her £ 23,000 in court costs. The couple was then given until February 8, 2021, to find an out-of-court settlement, which did not materialize.

In July, the case was returned to the High Court, where the presiding judge, Judge Steyn, dismissed Rooney’s arguments. The judge said Rooney’s claims that Vardy was the alleged author of a short-lived Secret Wag column in the newspaper were “irrelevant” and “peripheral.”

But the judge also agreed that Vardy’s relationship with Sun was the basis of Rooney’s lawsuit against her.

Coleen Rooney, Wayne Rooney, Rebekah Vardy, Jamie Vardy, Coleen Rooney Rebekah Vardy, coleen rooney rebekah vardy tweet, coleen rooney rebekah vardy instagram, wags football, wags football, sports news Rebecca Vardy, wife of Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy. (Reuters)

Recently, Vardy’s lawyers tried to invoke an abbreviated verdict. It’s a legal step to resolve parts of the case without a trial – in this case, a specific part is Rooney who claims that Vardy leaked to return to the TV show.

But Judge Steyn rejected the offer for a summary trial. Rooney’s representatives said they were “satisfied but not surprised” by the verdict.

Recent developments

Saga returned with a two-day hearing in the High Court in February where WhatsApp messages between Vardy and her agent were revealed. The court also heard that Vardy’s agent’s phone was now lost after he fell into the North Sea. This happened shortly after the court explicitly ordered that the contents of the phone be used as evidence.

A seven-day trial has now begun in which both sides are testifying their version of the story. So far, Rooney’s team has accused Vardy of using his PR agent to send leaks to the Sun, deliberately deleting WhatsApp messages and having the ‘means, opportunity and motive’ to leak stories.

Vardy’s team said the allegations arrived at a time when she was in a difficult pregnancy and that she was ridiculed and ridiculed every time she was at a game to support her husband.


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