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After his F1 career ended in late 2020 after a fireball fell in Bahrain, Romain Grosjean switched to IndyCar.

Grosjean’s raw speed was never in question as the Frenchman finished 10 times on the podium in F1.

While his speed was there, Grosjean often found himself in collisions, even getting a 2012 race ban for causing a dramatic multiple collision at Spa-Francorchamps.

His career at IndyCar was less full of incidents, but Grosjean began to ruffle the feathers of some of his rivals.

After the last round of IndyCar at Barber Motorsports Park, Graham Rahal criticized Grosjean for his wheel-to-wheel fight.

“I think drivers need to get together – all of us – because I’m not the only one with the problem. There are quite a number of drivers who have encountered this type, ”Rahal said.

“As I said on TV, when the roles are reversed, it would be better for the trial to be consistent … because it will change at some stage. I’m not going to play nice. This guy has exceeded his welcome. ”

Rahal then looked back on his F1 career: “I’ll let you decide. But as the second driver in the series told me, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, and that has been his reputation in a way throughout his career in Europe and we are quickly learning his reputation here, ”he added. .

“So for me, if race control doesn’t want to do anything, then it won’t do anything, but when we go and hit it, they better not do anything to me – which I’ve been punished for in the past for much less than that.”

Is Grosjean’s ‘dirty’ reputation fair?

Let’s look at some of the most striking incidents from his F1 career.

F1 race ban

After making his 2009 debut with Renault, Grosjean returned to F1 in 2012 after winning the GP2 Series title.

Grosjean and Lotus started the season strong with a third at Albert Park, but his form soon fell.

Fighting for performance, things got worse for Grosjean when he was suspended for one race after causing a car crash at the start of the Belgian GP.

Grosjean misjudged the descent to turn 1, colliding with Lewis Hamilton resulting in a massacre that entered the first turn.

It was an expensive day for title contender Fernando Alonso, who could argue that Grosjean’s run in the first round cost him Sebastian Vettel’s title at the end of the season.

‘Crazy from the first round’

Things for Grosjean didn’t get any better as he was involved in another collision in the first lap, this time on a Suzuki with Mark Webber.

Grosjean made a mistake in turn 1 in the first lap, crashing into Webber’s Red Bull.

The Australian was understandably unhappy after the race, describing Grosjean as a “first-round lunatic”.

Grosjean enjoyed a better campaign in 2013, but still had a tendency to fall, doing so on three occasions in Monaco.

‘I think Ericsson hit us’

One of Grosjean’s most shameful incidents happened at the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Running among the top eight in Baku, Grosjean spectacularly lost control of his Haas under the Safety Car.

Grosjean turned on his hand, but at first his race engineer Ayao Komatsu thought Sauber driver Marcus Ericsson had hit him.

“I think Ericsson has hit us,” a radio message that has been turned into a meme on social media for years.

Grosjean’s turnaround in the first round of the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix contributed to his troubled start to the year.

He lost control of his Haas in turn 3 in lap 1, turning back to the path of Nico Hulkenberg and Pierre Gasly – forcing all three cars to pull out of the race.

Hulkenberg was not particularly impressed with the incident, saying Grosjean had to look in the mirror for his mistake, while stewards awarded him a three-seat penalty for the next round.

Teammates mess up

Grosjean messed with Haas team-mate Kevin Magnussen several times and twice in the first round of the 2018 and 2019 British Grand Prix, as well as in a separate incident at the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix.

In the Silverstone incident in 2018, the pair were side by side on the 3rd turn on the first lap before Grosjean slipped into his teammate, severely damaging the floor of Magnussen’s Haas car.

The incidents didn’t stop there for Grosjean because he crashed into the Copse with Renault’s Carlos Sainza, and the guards eventually declared it a racing incident.


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