You have accepted the reality that it is difficult for me to play when Shakib: Taijul

A stop-start international career should not prevent you from enjoying the game, says Taijul © Getty

Bangladesh left-handed spinner Taijul Islam is at peace with fate. The experienced fighter now seems to have a chance to perform in the introductory test against Sri Lankathanks to the positive result of the test on Covid Shakib al Hasan which excluded him from the opening of the series.

The way in which Taijul’s stop-start international career is shaped must be discouraging for him, given that he is neglected not because of his form but because of his team combination.

Doubts about his place in the opening series against Sri Lanka confirm the fact that even in his last test against South Africa he chose Fifera, but despite his best efforts he is not sure whether he will manage to pass to the next game or not.

“I am really sorry for him (Taijula) given that he is doing well, but he still cannot claim a place in XI for various reasons such as team combination or balance,” Bangladesh director Khaled Mahmud told Cricbuzz.

“But what’s most fascinating is the way he keeps himself motivated despite not being able to play from time to time, despite performing, and this is a lesson for anyone who thinks it takes a big heart to take everything at their own pace,” he said. . .

However, it seems that Taijul is not losing sleep due to his non-selection and, at this stage of his career, he wants to deal with it and not complain.

“I’m not thinking about all these things (relegation despite the performance),” Taijul told Cricbuzz. ” I know it’s hard for me to play when Shakib bhai is playing or when the conditions are right for the rhythm of the bowler. That is the reality and I accepted it.

” I play cricket and make money. Unselected is not the end of everything. I love the game. What is my job? I represent my country and whenever I am asked I should be ready to stand up and play for the country. I don’t like negativity in my head. All I think about is that whenever the opportunity arises, I will try to do my best.

Taijul reached the landmark on a recent tour of South Africa as he became the fastest in the country to grab 150 test gates, while the second in Bangladesh to get there. Earlier, Shakib Al Hassan reached the milestone to become the first Bangladeshi bowler, but Taijul set a record in seven matches less than Shakib.

Taijul said that the landmark did not really delight him since the team lost.

” I don’t feel any different (becoming the fastest who reached 150 test doors). I get five gates … but for me it is very important to help the team win and how much I contribute to those successes. I feel good when a team wins based on my performances.

” It’s true that it’s hard to be successful after playing with gaps, but my success doesn’t help the team because we can’t win. “Spinners from other countries are helping them win and I feel that if we play continuously, we will succeed,” he added.

Taijul said that compared to the past today, spinners are more comfortable for bowling in away conditions, but he believes that they could develop more if they had a series of consecutive series abroad.

“The situation is a big factor considering when we play at home, all the responsibility is on us (spinners), but while we play abroad it is a completely different story,” Taijul said. ” But the problem is that we don’t play too many games abroad, and if we do, it takes a very long time. For team combinations, I don’t win games from time to time (abroad) and for that reason it’s hard to keep the development chart up, ” he said.

” If we could play two to three series abroad quickly in a row, then we will develop more. Because even if we do badly in the opening series, there is a good chance that we will be good in the next series because we would play continuously. That’s why it took me a while to achieve success (abroad).

“Mehedy came on the scene when I had just finished two years in international cricket and now a lot of time has passed. We understood each other well. Like, say, if I bowled earlier, I try to share my experience of wicket and vice versa,” he said.

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